Is your honeymoon plannend for 2017? For many couples it’s the best holiday of their lives! But where to go as newlyweds? We dug into it and summed up 6 of the most populair destinations!

For adventurous couples:

Is ‘adventure‘ your middle name? Make sure to add one of the following destinations to the list then, you won’t be dissapointed! 


Canada Huwelijksreis

Canada has huge and beautiful forests, lakes and long hike trails. Discover them by foot or – even better – on the back of a horse. Watch out for bears though!


west-Balkan huwelijksreis

In western-Balkan you find the ‘Via Dinarica‘, a 2000 kilometer long road that takes you to very Instagram-worthy places in – amongst others – Slovenia, Kroatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia! And, only just walkable again since the beginning of 2017.

For couples that like to relax:

Planning a wedding and marriage brings enough stress to the table, that a relaxing honeymoon is very well deserved! The following locations are a perfect fit!

An Arab Emirates Cruise

Arabische Emiraten huwelijksreis

Much more relaxt than this will be hard to find. E-v-e-r-y-thing is arranged and provided for you, all you have to do is enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful architecture the Arab Emirates posses.


Beach, please! Palmtrees and coconut drinks, surfing, chilling,… Besides all this, Hawaii is just very pretty. Next to hiking up and down vulcanos, visiting pineapple farms and swimming with sharks you can also just enjoy your pineapple-juice in the hammock. Lovely!

For nature-loving couples:

Rather a calming-nature-honeymoon? You are absolutely right! Whether you prefer the cold or rather the heat, we’ve got both covered! 


Finland huwelijksreis

With 40 national parks, over more than 10 wildlife-areas and 6 national hiking settings, Finland is thé place to be if you like to find the piece and quiet of nature. Bonus because if you travel there in February/March or September/October you’ll have some good chances of seeing the Northern Lights! It won’t be more magical than that.


Nieuw-Zeeland huwelijksreis

Let’s travel to ‘The middle of the earth‘ and discover the land of Lord of The Rings. Or just visit one of the many national parks with gorgeous, perfect turqoise lakes and non-active vulcanos. Go whale-spotting or hike up one the glaciers. Enough to see and discover, New-Zealand has it all!

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